Summary of April–June 2015
(comparison period 1 Apr.–30 June 2014)

  • Turnover totalled EUR 92.3 (89.1) million. This growth was generated by increased profit from rental operations.
  • Profit before taxes amounted to EUR 64.1 (29.7) million and is based on changes in the fair value of investment properties, a good financial occupancy rate, the successful management of maintenance costs and low financial costs. The profit includes EUR 21.2 (-6.8) million in net valuation gains on the fair value assessment.
  • Net rental income was EUR 57.8 (55.3) million, representing 62.7 (62.0) per cent of turnover.
  • The financial occupancy rate remained high, standing at 97.4 (98.1) per cent.
  • The Group’s gross investments during the period totalled EUR 61.8 (69.4) million.