Trading properties

Trading properties include properties meant for sale which do not meet the objectives of the company due to their location, type or size. A property is reclassified from the balance sheet item “Investment properties” under “Trading properties” in the event of a change in the use of the property. This is evidenced by commencement of development with a view to sale. If an investment property is being developed with a view to a sale, it will be accounted as trading property.

Trading properties are measured at the lower of the acquisition cost or the net realisation value. The net realisation value is the estimated selling price in the ordinary course of business deducted by the estimated costs necessary to make the sale. If the net realisation value is lower than the carrying amount, an impairment loss is recognised.

When a trading property becomes an investment property measured at fair value, the difference between the fair value on the transfer date and its previous carrying amount is recognised in the income statement under “Profit/loss on sales of trading properties”.

VVO Group’s trading properties includes mainly single apartments ready for sale, business premises and parking facilities that are meant for sale but have not been sold by the balance sheet date.