Fair value hierarchy

Inputs used in determining fair values (used in the valuation techniques) are classified on three levels in the fair value hierarchy. Fair value hierarchy is based on the source of inputs.

  • Level 1 inputs - Quoted prices (unadjusted) in active markets for identical investment property.
  • Level 2 inputs – Inputs other than quoted prices included within level 1 that are observable for the investment property, either directly or indirectly.
  • Level 3 inputs: Unobservable inputs for investment property.

An investment property measured at fair value is categorised in its entirety in the same level of the fair value hierarchy as the lowest level input that is significant to the entire measurement. The fair value measurement for all of the investment property of VVO Group has been categorised as a Level 3 fair value, as observable market information for the determination of fair values has not been available.