VVO Group Plc's operations are based on the provision of a diverse range of safe, high-quality rental housing. VVO Group seeks to participate in debate on Finnish housing policy to improve the standing of rental housing.

During the review period, the Group published its theses on the development of housing policy. These theses take a stand on several issues: the conditions required for an increase in rental housing production, factors that affect the cost of both construction and living, and support for housing and construction.

We fight the grey economy by ensuring that all the anti-grey economy models used by the company exceed legislative requirements in many respects. We continuously monitor contractor's liability data for all of the companies in our supplier network, whereas the law only requires data checks at three-month intervals.

VVO Group will continue its climate partnership agreement with the City of Helsinki. The Group has also committed to following the Rental Property Action Plan (VAETS), which has set a 2016 heating energy savings target of seven per cent compared to 2009. The Rental Property Action Plan (VAETS) savings targets for 2016 have already been achieved and, with regard to property electricity consumption, have even been exceeded.

VVO Group Plc was approved as a member of the Climate Leadership Council (CLC), an association of Finland's leading companies and organisations. It seeks to encourage both its own members and others to find more sustainable ways of producing goods and services. CLC improves research organisations' and industry and commerce's readiness to respond to both climate change threats and the business opportunities they generate.

During the review period, Lumo residents launched a car sharing pilot in the Suurpelto district of Espoo and the Hervanta district of Tampere. Lumo and 24Rent's half-year pilot is seeking to identify residents' interest in ecological motoring.

During the review period, a new waste disposal area was tested in the Arabianranta district of Helsinki in a joint pilot project run by the Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Lassila & Tikanoja, and VVO Group. The pilot ran until the end of March. According to a residents' survey, clarity, cleanliness and good lighting made the waste disposal area easier and more pleasant to use. The volume of mixed waste also decreased.

A total of seven athletes were sponsored through the Virkeä programme in 2015:
Lassi Etelätalo (athletics), Henry Manni (paracanoeing), Nooralotta Neziri (athletics), Venla Paunonen (athletics), Tommi Pulli (speed skating), Mimosa Jallow (swimming) and Jenni Saarinen (figure skating).