Annual general meeting

VVO Group Plc's Annual General Meeting of 19 March 2015 elected Riku Aalto as Chairman of the Board of Directors.

As of 19 March 2015, the Board of Directors has consisted of the following members:

Riku Aalto (Chairman)
Tomi Aimonen (Vice Chairman)
Matti Harjuniemi
Olli Luukkainen
Jorma Malinen
Reima Rytsölä
Jan-Erik Saarinen
Ann Selin

KPMG Oy Ab will continue as VVO's auditor with APA Kai Salli as principal auditor.

The Annual General Meeting decided to pay a dividend of EUR 3.00 per share, to a total of EUR 22.2 million, in accordance with the Board of Directors' proposal. The dividend payment date was 8 April 2015.